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Our Team Can Facilitate Real Estate Improvements

Over the course of a lifetime, people accumulate a wide variety of possessions, objects, and belongings that reflect their lives.  Disposing of the most valuable possessions, like the real estate, in a dignified, yet efficient manner is often an obstacle in bringing the estate to a final settlement. I can help coordinate a successful estate sale.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should also be aware that the estate can realize significant tax advantages by donating any unclaimed assets and possessions to charity. My team can  also help you manage the sale or removal of additional  estate assets – so we can provide a full service solution to relieve  you of the added stress of dealing with “all this stuff”.

10461 College Drive

Before and after probate sale photo’s

Turning a property around to increase its market value is what I do best, as is the case for Judy Wood. You may be thinking , “I don’t have the time or the money to do this.” Rest assured, my team and I have the time and the means to get this completed for you, if you wish.  It’s much, much easier than you think.  It all starts with just a very quick call to me.

There are a lot of investors or agents that just want to steal/sell your inherited house as quickly and easily possible for their best interest, not yours.  My team and I care, we want you and the heirs of the estate to be the ones that benefit the most.

Judy received an “as is” appraisal from the Probate court at $320,000. Completely remodeled the whole house, had several offers, looking to close escrow around $405,000. — a difference of $85,000 in just weeks.

Before and After

1217 Summersworth

Another Success Story

Flooded with low ball offers from investors that were trying to  steal  the family’s  inheritance, this house  was dressed up and sold in less than 7 days with multiple offers, including cash out offers.  The house went for way above the asking price.

Before and After

From Clean Out To Closing

Unfortunately, many estate properties suffer from deferred maintenance, either because the late homeowner was ill or for some other reason, simply could not maintain it properly. You can alleviate the anxiety of repairing and/or maintaining the probate property by leaving the details to my team of carefully vetted reliable home professionals to bring the home up to a marketable condition in order to be sold in a competitive market.

Don’t Let The Stress Of The Estate Get The Better Of You

This is what I do, and I love helping families like yours to get the best value for your estate home.